Notices W/C 28th October 2018

This weeks notices

We have an 11am Communion service with children’s and youth work tomorrow… the decorators have left some of their equipment in the church building so parents of young children will need to be extra vigilant!
A couple of extra notices that didn’t make it into the newsletter this week:
i. King’s Arm Bedford are showing
‘The God Particle’ – This is an hour or so long two-hander play, by the local theatre company who had a great run with it at Edinburgh fringe – ‘ A vicar and a quantam physicist walk into a bar! ‘
It’s on Friday 2/11/18 at  7pm for 7.45pm Andy & Denise Major are going – if one or two would like to join us, we have room in the car to give a lift to one or two folk. For more details see
Finally, attached is this week’s newsletter…Benefice Weekly Newsletter Issue 18
With Blessings,