Notices W/C 24th November

Hi everyone

A number of our young people are going to Soul Survivor Watford tomorrow evening.. do pray for them. I was sent an article this week from The Times newspaper about the summer Soul Survivor festival, and how it is now stopping after 27 years. It was a really positive article from a Christian point of view, saying that some 15,000 young people had become Christians at these summer events. Its legacy includes the many current church leaders doing great work across the country whose faith either started or came alive at a Soul Survivor event.

An obvious question to ask is why is it stopping because it is still as popular with young people as ever. The leader, Mike Pilavachi said, “we really believe God spoke to us about stopping, and that makes it very easy.”

Its a reminder as to what success is from God’s point of view… its not particularly how big, how popular an event is… success in God’s eyes is ultimatley being obedient to Him. It makes any decision relatively easy to make if we believe God has spoken!

Attached is this week’s newsletter,Benefice Weekly Newsletter Issue 69

With blessings,