Notices W/C 15th December

Hello everyone

Well the Christmas events & services have started in earnest now, and its great to see children so excited about Christmas! This time of year though, as well as being filled with joy, laughter and cheer, for many of course, it is the opposite. For some, this time of the year is a stark reminder of what has been lost, through either bereavement or relationship breakdown. For others, frankly it is just a hard time of year trying to meet expectations or simply coping with the reality that our family is not the cosy, happy, fun filled family that often gets portrayed in the media!

Which is why it is good to hold onto the fact that this Jesus, whose birth we celebrate, is the Saviour and Hope for the world. It helps to cut through the razzmatazz and froth, to what is really life changing – a relationship with the one we are celebrating!

Attached is this week’s newsletter,Benefice Weekly Newsletter Issue 72

With blessings,