Notices W/C 12th Jan 2020

Hello everyone

Just before Christmas I went into London for an annual ‘college reunion’… whilst walking around Tower Bridge/Borough Market area we came across a young guy, using a small mic & amp, ‘preaching the Gospel’ amongst the thousands (it seemed) of shoppers/Christmas go-ers. My four unbelieving friends sniggered as they went past and I have to say I felt slightly embarrassed by him. Its not that I disagreed with what he was saying, i.e. “Jesus is the narrow way… where are you going when you die” etc, its just that it seemed to grate somewhat. Is this really the right way to go about it, or should we applaud his boldness!

It seems to me that the Gospel is both a “Go and make disciples” and a “Come and see”…  we are called to be salt and light (Luke 8:16-18) wherever we find ourselves, and we are to invite people to experience the life changing presence of God (1 Cor 14:24) . We need a church culture where both these are happening…

So hope to see you Sunday, and why not invite a friend… and actually what about making 2020 a year were we are more intentional about inviting people to come and experience the life changing presence of God.

With blessings,


Benefice Weekly Newsletter Issue 2020-2