Notices W/C 26th January

Hello Everyone

During a recent talk I gave, I made a comment, in almost a throwaway manner, that ‘God is in a good mood!’ Its a phrase used by the leaders of a well known church in Redding California. Its a simple phrase yet I wonder whether we really believe it, I mean really! I think many of us have been brought up with a belief, a notion that God is still in many ways quite a scary foreboding figure. And yes, we know we are forgiven, but really we are scared of messing up again and we’d better be careful because God is watching! All that has been done away with, ‘the wrath of God has been satisfied’ if you like… God being a good mood is part of what Jesus achieved on the cross. God is really pleased that we belong to Him, that we are heirs, sons and daughters… it really is Good News!

Hope to see you gathered with the family this Sunday…

With blessing,