Notices W/C 2nd February

Hello Everyone

I believe that the way God has designed us means we need other people to function well. We see this at certain places in Scripture, not least in 1 Cor 12 where it likens the church to a body, with each of us having a part to play. What if getting together with others is more than us just functioning well? What if its more fundamental than that? Also in that 1 Cor letter it says that we ‘know in part and we prophesy in part’. What if we need others to understand and know the Scriptures, or we need others for our own guidance, or we need others who will help us develop in our spiritual gifting and calling, or we need others to work through grief etc. Maybe, that’s the way God has really designed it to be, that other people are essential for these things? Being in relationship is who God is, i.e. Father, Son and Spirit! 

I know many people are meeting with others already, and small groups are only one solution. But if you are not in a small group, do consider joining one this Lent, sign up sheets will be in each of the churches from this Sunday.

Attached is this week’s newsletter you’ll notice the various Lent small groups that are starting the week beginning 24th February

With blessing