Notices W/C 19th April

Hello Everyone

I’m sure you seen the news about the war veteran, Tom Moore, and his fund raising efforts for the NHS. What started out as a family way of maybe raising £1000 by him doing 100 laps of his garden, turned into him raising over £17m! Its interesting how certain things capture the hearts of the general public. It reminded me that its never too old to have a signifiant impact, certainly at a local community level, but even maybe at a national level! It also inspired me… if I get to 99yrs old, I still want to be useful for the Kingdom of God… I still want, in some small way, to be influencing my local (national?) context for Jesus!

Attached are this week’s newsletter, the Home church service that is particularly suitable for those with primary aged children, and also the traditional home service.

With blessings