Notices W/C 12th June

Hello Everyone

Hi everyone,

Whilst I spent 10 years working for BT before becoming a vicar, I’m conscious that as church leaders, we can overlook the importance of ‘work’ and spend most of our time thinking about ’Sundays’. My hope is that when we gather on Sundays, as well as celebrating the goodness of God, we are also equipping people for the rest of the week! Do let me know if there other things we can be doing to do the latter more effectively…

Our faith is supposed to touch and influence all aspects of our lives. For those who are in full time work, the Gospel changes everything about your work. God has placed us in our workplace to be a ‘light in the darkness’; it is in this place where we spend so much time each week, and it’s where the Lord can develop us as His followers. How can we love our work colleagues? How can we love our competitors? What is good in our industry that we can celebrate and what are the broken systems that we can push against?

For those fortunate to be in work, I hope you have known God’s blessing and presence in your workplace, 

Attached is this week’s newsletter and traditional home service (no attached talk this week, apologies),

With blessings