Notices W/C 2nd October

Hello Everyone

One of the readings that is set for this Sunday comes from 2 Timothy, which if you know that letter, was written in a context that included opposition and strife from within the church. It seems from the earliest days the church has had a great capacity to shoot itself in the foot! Maybe that is just the reality of human nature and we can’t expect anything different!? I came across the following quote from D L Moody this week:

“I have never known the Spirit of God to work where the Lord’s people were divided.” Its a reminder of the importance of unity – a group of diverse people, with different Myers Briggs personality types, different Gilmore Fraleigh style profiles (had one of these done to me this week as well!), different upbringings, different cultures, all united with One purpose.. to see God’s kingdom increasingly come upon the earth. Sounds an amazingly attractive proposition.. if we can only get it to happen…

Attached is a bumper edition of the newsletter and the traditional home service,