Notices W/C 4th December

Hello Everyone

Many of you will have heard about Gordon… he has had a bleed on the brain this week and is currently in Lister hospital in Stevenage. Do pray for him and Heather as he is quite poorly; he is currently paralysed down one side,  blind in one eye and is confused about where he is. He also has swelling in his brain behind the bleed.

A blessing for them both is that Heather’s niece works at Lister’s hospital and had him admitted very quickly and is part of the team that is looking after him. He will be in for at least a week with his blood pressure being monitored. At this stage I don’t have any other information but do keep them lifted up before the Lord; pray particularly that the swelling is reduced.

Louise had the word ’surrounded’ come to mind while praying for them and was reminded of that great song, ’This is how I fight my battles’, with the words:

“It may look like I’m surrounded

But I’m surrounded by You.”

Pray Heather and Gordon know they are surrounded by the Lord’s goodness and mercy.

Attached are this week’s newsletter and traditional home service, and the link to Sunday morning’s livestream is here: