Notices W/C 15th January

Hello Everyone

The readings for Sunday include how the first disciples were called. If you know those stories, they contain several instances of people meeting Jesus, and then inviting others to come also and meet this Jesus; in the case of Andrew, his brother Peter, in the case of Philip, his friend Nathanael. Its a good model for us! We may find ‘evangelism’ daunting but we can all invite others to something, to church, to Alpha, to a toddler group, or to a meeting of some kind.

Tomorrow, we have the second ‘Family Event’ happening at St. Mary’s, Wollaston, 3-5:30pm; details are in the newsletter. They are for church families of course, but also they are trying to reach out to new families. It’s an ideal opportunity to invite others we know to ‘come and see’… it may just be the start of the process of them meeting Jesus.

Here is the link to this Sunday’s livestream:

Finally, attached are this week’s newsletter and traditional home service,

With blessings.