Notices W/C 5th February

Hello Everyone

Myself and Sarah Howes met with a couple of people from the National Church to talk about work with our young people today. They were quite excited to hear about all the work Sarah and the team are doing around the Benefice, and they talked about how the Church of England has set three priorities for itself, one of which is:

• To be a church that is younger and more diverse. 

with, and I quote, a “bold outcome” of “Doubling the number of children and young active disciples in the Church of England by 2030.”

It was quite interesting to hear them talk about the desire to reach young people and I mention it to encourage those currently working with our young people. Also, maybe you haven’t thought about working with our young people before but you might be open to that… Sarah would love to chat with you about getting involved. If that is not where you are at, but you think you might be able to financially support the work , then please do speak to me or Diane Robinson. We are working towards being able to support the work with our young people long term, but still have some way to go.

Finally, details of this week’s Sunday services are in the newsletter, including Pursing His Presence which is back on Sunday evening. 😀

Here is the link to this Sunday’s live stream:

With blessings.