Notices W/C 12th February

Hello Everyone

I’m sure we all have had moments or people influence us hugely in our Christian journey. One of the people who really influenced me during my curacy years at Christ the King, Kettering was a man called Graham Cooke. He spoke about rest as a Godly lifestyle and how importance it is to rest, not just as a break from our work routines, as good as that is, but rest being a place to connect again with God, to receive His peace, to renew our strength, and to remind ourselves of His promises.

Next week is half term and so Louise and I are talking a break and will use it to lay down our work routines, but also to catch up on some ‘rest’. While we are away do contact Holly if you have an urgent pastoral need.

The link to Sunday morning’s live stream is here:

Attached are this week’s newsletter and traditional home service,

With blessings.