Notices W/C 19th March

Hello Everyone

A few weeks ago in my Church news email, I wrote about the need to ‘stand firm’ in our faith, particularly when going through challenging or difficult times (see  e.g. Ephesians 6:14 etc) . I’ve been reflecting on this again… I think its about ‘hunkering down’ spiritually speaking, not worry whether we are making any progress spiritually. It’s about being kind to ourselves when it comes to how we think our relationship with the Lord is going. Maybe it’s even not relying on those spiritual habits and practices that have sustained us in the past. Maybe its about recognising there are times when the Lord will sustain us without too much effort on our part, knowing it’s a season to get through.

The first theological book I ever read, when thinking about the call to ordination, was a book called ’The Stature of waiting’ by W.H. Vanstone. Its central theme was about the change in Jesus ministry, when he went from being busy, active, directional, ministering to people etc to the season where he was passive, having things done to him, taken to places (terrible places even) by others. Yet during this passive season, he was still very much fulfilling what he was called to…

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