Notices W/C 2nd April

Hello Everyone

Holy week starts on Sunday with our Palm Sunday services, details are attached in the newsletter. There is much to reflect on during Holy Week as we again hear the accounts of Jesus’ last supper, the dreadful detail of Jesus’ crucifixion, followed by the surprise and joy of the Resurrection. One detail I like to reflect on is in the account of the last supper, and in particular when Jesus reveals that someone is going to betray Him to the Jewish leaders. It’s Judas of course. It’s interesting to me that Jesus built a team of people around Him, who he called his friends, yet one of them was going to betray Him. I’m sure Judas was as much a friend to Jesus as the other disciples. 

This tells me a number of things – firstly, it’s risky making yourself vulnerable to those who are ‘friends’ as there is no guarantee they won’t betray you or start to think ill of you. Secondly, when I think about how we build teams, including leadership in the church, we have to have a system that allows the possibility of someone in our team/leadership turning against what the we are trying to do. Often I think we want to play it safe and try to ensure just the right (i.e. sound, mature, theologically compatible) people are in place etc. It seems to me that Jesus took the riskier (and better!) approach…

The link to the live stream of Sunday’s St. Mary’s, Wollaston 11am service is here: 

The talk is entitled ‘Jesus is a punk rocker!’…

With blessing,