Notices W/C 21st May

Hello Everyone

Thought I’d share the 2023 Sizewell Hall away weekend picture of us all… 😀 (thank you to Matthew Bell for the taking). There are many great things about a Sizewell weekend, though the best of them is probably how people get to know each other so much better. One of the metaphors used for church is that it is like a family.. but actually that is not quite accurate. Whilst metaphors describe what the church is like or similar to, ‘family’ isn’t metaphorical, it i a literal description of the group of people we know as church. The church is not like family, it is family!

If you’ve never been to an away weekend, do consider going to one. Next Monday we hold a review meeting about this year’s and it is hoped that we shall do it all again in 2025! Consider yourself invited….!

Attached is also this week’s newsletter and traditional service; and here is the link to Sunday’s livestream:

With blessing,