Our Young Peoples group for Sunday mornings is called MYKC (as in Mike!) by the choice of the young people themselves, it stands for ‘May your kingdom come.’ The group meet in one of the side rooms during the service on the 2nd and 4th Sundays only. We stay in the service for communion and then head to the room for about 40mins, returning to the church at the end of the service for cake and refreshments. MYKC is for school years 7-10 and involves discussion, looking at the Bible, activities, games etc.

we encourage the young people to get involved in serving in some way, be it helping in the children’s/ under fives work, refreshments, doing a reading/ prayer, welcoming, music, technical support…

House/Cell group for School Years 10-13

We currently hold 1 cell groups for young people aged school years 9 and above.  The groups are all about Dicipleship, Bible study, Food, Discussion/debate, games and friendship.  Each group will have special evenings once a term for films etc.

For more information and how to get your young person engaged in these groups please contact us.

The Youth Cafe

A community after school club for year 7 upwards. The group meets at 3:00- 4:30pm in St. Mary’s church building for food, drinks, coversations and a safe place to be. Whilst the Cafe has no teaching input we aim to show Gods love through our conduct and care of the Young People. The leaders of this group want  to provide an environment where the young people feel welcome and comfortable.
As a church we are connected with Soul Survivor through the Saturday celebrations that happen throughout the year