Church Rooms

Church Rooms old

The Church Rooms, known also as ‘The Parochial Rooms’, are located in College Street, Wollaston. The Parochial Rooms are held in trust by the Church of England and run as a registered charity. The trustees of the Parochial Rooms are members of St. Mary’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) and the PCC ensure the Rooms are run in accordance with the conditions and purposes of the charity.

From 1st January 2018 the PCC have entered into an agreement with Maxine Barratt whereby Maxine will have the sole lease of the Rooms in order to primarily provide a ‘fitness centre’ for the community of Wollaston. The Rooms will still be available to be hired by the public and any bookings enquiries will need to be made to Maxine Barratt.

To enquire about the availability of the Rooms and to book them please contact Maxine Barratt:

Tel: 07974 834 065